IELTS writing test - sample answers

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Here you can find sample answers to all the iPass IELTS writing tasks submitted by students from our online IELTS preparation courses.

Sign up for the iPass IELTS writing course and get up to 5 writing tasks assessed by an experienced and professional IELTS online tutor who will give you personal feedback on your answers.

Each task has been assessed by an iPass IELTS tutor using the following marking key:

  • Band 0-3 = Weak
  • Band 4-5 = Satisfactory
  • Band 6-7 = Good
  • Band 8-9 = Very strong
Task 1 Samples
Task 2 Samples

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Masahiro - Japan

​​I recommend iPass to IELTS takers for their success. Its course is effective. I took Speaking and Writing courses. I improved my speaking scores from 6.0 to 7.0 through mock speaking exams for one month. Jenny suggested me good grammar and words. As for value for money, its course is reasonable. I took several speaking courses to improve my speaking skills. If I did not use iPass IELTS, I would not have taken my ideal score, 7.5. I appreciate iPass IELTS.


Masahiro - Japan

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