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Here you can find sample answers to all the iPass IELTS writing tasks submitted by students from our online IELTS preparation courses.

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Each task has been assessed by an iPass IELTS tutor using the following marking key:

  • Band 0-3 = Weak
  • Band 4-5 = Satisfactory
  • Band 6-7 = Good
  • Band 8-9 = Very strong
Task 1 Samples
Task 2 Samples

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This month, I did my third time IELTS test, and I at last got my satisfactory score. Thank you for ipass and all member of its team. I feel this site helped me a lot with my writing. There are plenty of excellent writing materials. After I take the practise of writing on this site, I got IELTS score of Writing above 6 twice. I do want to recommend this site on the sites of my country. I finished IETLS though, I will go on paying attention to this site. I want to keep learning and using English in the rest of my life. The new blog articles are brilliant!

- Bob, China

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