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Nitin - India

Nitin - India

​Hey guys, I must say that despite taking IELTS a couple of times, I was not 100% aware of my true strengths and weaknesses. Nevertheless, I was undoubtedly sure that speaking was my biggest culprit as I got stuck at 6.5 on both the occasions despite scoring more than 7.5 in the other three modules.

When I was browsing for good customized IELTS speaking sessions online, I came across iPassIELTS. I was really impressed by the reviews they had received and finally joined the Speaking Plus course.

Jenny was my trainer, mentor, and examiner in my speaking mock sessions. In fact, she literally gave me unbiased feedback in our sessions and made me feel confident about my speaking attributes.

Finally, I never looked back and was able to score a band 7 in speaking. I genuinely recommend iPass to everyone. Jenny, you are my saviour!

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