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iPass offers unique online IELTS courses which provide a blended approach to test preparation, combining self-study lessons with 1-2-1 coaching and personal feedback.

Since it was founded in 2005 it has grown to become one of the leading global online IELTS course providers. iPass was set up by Nigel Haines and Jenny Bedwell who are both native English teachers at the British Council and have over 35 years teaching experience between them. Jenny has also been a Cambridge examiner since 2002.
Jenny“I met Nigel in 2003 while working together in Portugal. The idea for iPass came about because we wanted to be able to give non-native English speakers from all kinds of backgrounds the opportunity to prepare for the IELTS test regardless of their work or family commitments or their physical location. By providing an alternative to traditional face-to-face courses, we allow students to study at their own pace and at their own convenience while still getting the support and guidance from experienced and well qualified teachers. Through our personal style of online coaching, they have found that they can trust us to help them improve their English in preparation for IELTS.”

Jenny - iPass co-founder & tutor

Nigel“For me, the great thing about iPass is that we get to teach students from all over the world and play a key part in helping them to reach their goals, both academically and professionally. Our students are ambitious, hard-working, and know exactly what they want to achieve and as a teacher it’s a real pleasure to be part of their journey by helping them to succeed in the IELTS test.”

Nigel - iPass co-founder & tutor

Over the last 12 years the iPass team has helped hundreds of candidates around the world to achieve the IELTS scores they need for their future work and study plans.

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Richelle, The Philippines

I like the the way the iPass ielts course was presented, the examples and given explanation and most of all I like the interactive part of speaking with my co-course mate. I have made friends and was able to practise and improved my speaking part. I passed the IELTS test with overall band score of 7.0 with speaking score of 7.5. I want to say thank you to iPass especially to jenny and nigel for making this website possible.  I got my results and very happy to know that i passed the test with overall band score of 7.0 with speaking score of 7.5. I will recommend this online course to everyone who wish to pass the first time.

Richelle, The Philippines

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