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Find out which course is best for you!

Our short online level test is designed to help you choose the right iPass course according to your current level of English.

There are 50 multiple-choice questions to test your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.

At the end of the test you will get a score which corresponds with a Council of Europe level ranging from A2 (elementary) to C2 (high advanced).

You can see how our courses correspond to each level in the tables below.

Try to complete the test in no more than 10 minutes. Use the timer to help you.

Need to know your current IELTS band score in each skill?

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1. He _________ about sixty years old, with grey hair and glasses.

2. She lives in a beautiful cottage _____________ the sea

3. I don’t enjoy ____________ exercise but I know it’s good for my health.

4. He gave me a lovely ____________ chocolates for my birthday.

5. My mother’s company ___________ a profit of $100,000 last year.

6. He's decided not _____________ the job in Hong Kong

7. We have to _____________ off our shoes when we enter the house.

8. What was __________________ weather like on your holiday?

9. I haven’t got ___________________ money left this month.

10. I _____________ my keys while I was jogging in the park.

11. My sister is much _____________ than me.

12. What is the ________________ beautiful place you’ve ever visited?

13. My husband ___________ for our anniversary.

14. I _________________ to the gym these days.

15. I can't stand _________________ in long queues.

16. I _________________ to a pop concert in my life.

17. _________________ to John's party this Saturday?

18. I _______________ wear a uniform when I was at school.

19. Two journalists ________________ by rebel fighters yesterday.

20. I’m going ___________ a very important business trip tomorrow.

21. What do you spend most of your money ________ ?

22. Katie _________________ since she got married 5 years ago.

23. My grandmother is getting very absent-_______

24. A judge is someone in court _________decides if the defendant is guilty or not.

25. When I was very young we ____________ visit my great-grandmother every Sunday.

26. It’s time to get ______________ to some serious work.

27. I haven’t spoken to my father for ages. _____________ him tonight.

28. James asked me if I ___________________ what to do.

29. This time next month I _________________ in Paris.

30. I would like to become the Chief Executive one day but that’s in the _______________________ future.

31. You ______________ to see a doctor about your cough. It’s getting worse.

32. If I _______________ anywhere, I would definitely live in a warm climate.

33. ___________________ we arrived, the show had already started.

34. If I _______________ to university, I would never have met my wife.

35. I don't like strong coffee. It's too _________________ .

36. My parents never let us ______________ out after midnight.

37. My boss insists _____________ a formal dress code in the office at all times.

38. When I get paid I’m going to _____________ on a new expensive suit.

39. ________________ I finish my exams I’m going to go out and celebrate.

40. Clara took a long time to _______________ the death of her husband.

41. Even ______________ she’s good at languages, she hasn’t picked up Polish very easily.

42. You should never_______________ until tomorrow what you can do today.

43. The boy admitted __________ the window, but he claims it was an accident

44. I would be completely ______________ of doing a high-powered job.

45. My sister is very ______________. She never does anything wild or crazy.

46. At the age of 10 Luke was ___________________ injured in a tragic accident.

47. _________________ research shows that ozone destruction has increased significantly in recent years.

48. Consumer _______________ has dropped dramatically since the start of the recession.

49. My landlord is putting up the rent again, __________ is totally unacceptable.

50. I was over the ____________ when I found out that I’d passed all my exams.

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The following tables indicate which courses we recommend for each level (A2 - C1)

IELTS Test Preparation - tutored courses
B1 / IELTS band 4-5 B2 / IELTS band 5.5-6.5 C1 / IELTS band 7-8
IELTS Starter IELTS Starter  
IELTS Starter Plus IELTS Starter Plus  
IELTS Express IELTS Express IELTS Express
  IELTS 7 Plus IELTS 7 Plus
IELTS Speaking IELTS Speaking IELTS Speaking Plus
IELTS Writing IELTS Writing IELTS Writing Plus
IELTS Test Preparation - non-tutored courses
B1 / IELTS band 4-5 B2 / IELTS band 5.5-6.5
IELTS Vocabulary IELTS Vocabulary
IELTS Grammar IELTS Grammar
IELTS Speaking 7+ IELTS Speaking 7+
General English - self-study courses
A2 B1 B2 C1
Great Grammar Great Grammar Great Grammar
  Vital Vocabulary Vital Vocabulary  
    Academic Vocabulary Academic Vocabulary
  Low Intermediate High Intermediate  
    Low Advanced High Advanced
Professional English - self-study courses
B2 C1
English for Nursing English for Nursing
English for Health English for Health


Lesbia Maria - Nicaragua

Lesbia Maria - Nicaragua

Thanks Nigel and Jenny for this great website. As a result I passed my IELTS and I got a high score with the speaking test. Your materials and the tutorials were really helpful. You were like the real examiner that I had in front of me during the test, Nigel and I was lucky the topic was one that we practiced. I would recommend this site for everybody who is taking IELTS because it is great.

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