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IELTS Writing course

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IELTS Writing is the perfect online course for IELTS candidates who only want to focus on improving their IELTS writing skills (general or academic) and are aiming for a band score of 6 to 7. It includes:

It was great when I sent my first writing task to iPass. My tutor told me many points I had to improve if I wanted to achieve IELTS band 7.

At last I'd found someone who was able to assess my work in the same way as IELTS examiners. The feedback I received was really useful, so I learnt how to be successful with different tasks and I got my desired score!

Marta - Spain

Need higher than band 7 or need more writing task corrections?

Sign up for IELTS Writing Plus and get a FREE English grammar course too!

I got band 7 in writing after joining the IELTS Writing Plus course. The detailed feedback and explanations helped me achieve that target.

I'd been through 5 IELTS tests before, but my writing score always remained around 6. I realised my problem was not the theoretical knowledge or grammar, but more practice with valuable feedback. Thank you very much iPass for your kind support.

Jia Hua - China

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Frequently asked questions

How do I receive the feedback on my writing tasks?

Feedback is sent via email with a link to the recorded comments.

How long do I have to wait for my feedback?

Feedback is returned within 1-3 days of submission.

Will you tell me my band score?

Our written feedback includes an approximation of your band score in each of the 4 marking criteria.

Are the iPass tutors all native English teachers?

Yes. All of our tutors are highly qualified native English teachers with many years experience in preparing students worldwide for the IELTS test.

How can I get feedback on my speaking as well as my writing?

You can sign up for the combined IELTS speaking + writing course or IELTS speaking + writing plus.

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Mohamed, Egypt

Mohamed, Egypt

Here is my story with IELTS which I have successfully passed with overall band of (8) Listening: 8.5, Reading: 8.5, Writing:7 and Speaking:7

After multiple unsuccessful trials of IELTS for achieving a minimum of band 7 in each section, I have found this wealthy website. Then, I decided to retake the test.

You must have the inner and continuous motive to succeed when considering passing any hard obstacle like IELTS. Persistent training and guidance is a must for an investable victory.

Jenny and Nigel are so professional tutors who can guide you to achieve the band that you need for your academic career especially at the writing and speaking sections.

Personally speaking, writing had been always my weak point and I am thankful for Jenny and Nigel for the continuous and efficient instructions as well as their way of giving the feedback. Basically, for an area like writing and speaking you can NOT work alone to increase your band score, but you have to be supervised by a professional tutor like Jenny and Nigel.

Thanks to both of you and for your cost-effective website!

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