IELTS writing test - sample answers

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Here you can find sample answers to all the iPass IELTS writing tasks submitted by students from our online IELTS preparation courses.

Sign up for the iPass IELTS writing course and get up to 5 writing tasks assessed by an experienced and professional IELTS online tutor who will give you personal feedback on your answers.

Each task has been assessed by an iPass IELTS tutor using the following marking key:

  • Band 0-3 = Weak
  • Band 4-5 = Satisfactory
  • Band 6-7 = Good
  • Band 8-9 = Very strong
Task 1 Samples
Task 2 Samples

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Arvind - India

‚ÄčIf something beyond excellence exists, I could have said that for iPass. I scored CLB 9 (L-8,R-7,W-7,S-7) for my immigration. 

It was an amazing experience with Jenny and her team especially Louise. The speaking and writing assessments helped me to build my confidence and overcome my weaknesses and mistakes.

The way they work with students is commendable. I cannot express how thankful I am to Jenny and the iPass team.


Arvind - India

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