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IELTS vs OET - which test is best?


Many of our students who work in the medical profession as doctors and nurses often ask which English test should they prepare for - OET (Occupational English Test) or IELTS (International English Language Testing System).

As IELTS test preparation providers we naturally favour the IELTS test, but at the end of the day it's a decision that has to be made individually.

So, if you are someone who has to make that decision, here are some quick comparisons to help you decide.

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Celeste - iPass student of the month

Celeste, from The Philippines, is our student of the month for October. Read More →

Stanley - iPass student of the month

Stanley, from India, is our student of the month for September. Read More →

Enquiry on Results - when to apply

To request a remark or not?

This is the question that I often get asked by students who are dissatisfied with one or more of their IELTS scores and believe they should have got a higher band.

It is a difficult question to answer for several reasons, not to mention the time and cost involved when submitting an “enquiry on results”.

In this blogpost I will explain when I think it’s a good idea to ask for a review of your results.

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IELTS for ALL - make a difference - make a donation

At iPass, we work with lots of students in developing countries who often struggle to meet the financial demands of preparing for the IELTS test. We do our best to keep our courses as affordable as possible, while not compromising on the quality of our tuition, but for some students it is still an unattainable fee.

So, to help those in need, we have launched a new donations campaign to raise funds to provide free IELTS training for deserving candidates.

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Catarina - iPass student of the month

Catarina, from Angola, is our student of the month for August. Read More →

Jennifer - iPass student of the month

jennifer rana
Jennifer, from The Philippines, is our student of the month for June. Read More →

Clarie - iPass student of the month

Clarie, from The Philippines, is our student of the month for May! Read More →

Phrasal verbs in action: emotions

In Part 2 of the IELTS Speaking test, you often have to describe a 'personal experience' or a 'special event' from your life which means that you will also need to describe your feelings related to that occasion.


To get a high band score in IELTS, it's about to avoid only using basic adjectives such as 'happy' or 'sad' to describe your feelings, but to try to use more idiomatic uses of English and phrasal verbs are a great way to do this!

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Inês - iPass student of the month

Inês, from Portugal, is our student of the month for April! Read More →

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Chihiro - Japan

Chihiro - Japan

I especially recommend the speaking practice course, and thanks to that, I got 7.5 on speaking and 7.0 overall. Before taking this course, I had taken different online practice by a different school, which does not specialise in IELTS. A tutor of the school changed my whole sentences into her complete ones. Jenny, by contrast, has ample knowledge of IELTS and lots of experience for teaching test-takers so she gave me reliable advice with which I could make immediate improvement. These lessons built my confidence, and produced my motivation to review and prepare for lessons with her. Most importantly, she understood my schedule of IELTS, and encouraged empathically. I’m pretty sure I can’t achieve my target without her big support!

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