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Idiom workout: colour idioms

A good way to learn idioms is by grouping them together by a common theme, such as colours. There are lots of idioms in English that use colours. For example, did you know that someone who likes gardening is often described as 'green-fingered'? Or that 'once in a blue moon' is used to describe something that happens very rarely?

This short video looks at some other colour idioms which are useful to learn to show you have a deeper understanding of the English language.

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Lynda May - student of the month!

lynda may
Lynda May from The Philippines is our student of the month for May! Read More →

IELTS Speaking test - using idioms

Using idiomatic language in the IELTS speaking test can really help to boost your vocabulary score because it demonstrates that you have a deeper understanding of the language. This video shows you how you can use some common idioms related to feelings.

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Part 1 speaking test questions

Here are some more Part 1 speaking test questions that were sent in by one of our students who recently took her IELTS test.

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Sadia - iPass student of the month!

Sadia from Bangladesh is our student of the month for April!
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New video from IELTS Speaking 7 Plus!!

This video demonstrates some excellent techniques for enhancing your IELTS speaking skills on the topic of pets and animals. It doesn't just focus on the language that you use but also how you can use questions, humour and better pronunciation to impress the examiner.

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Part 1 Speaking test questions: holidays

Watch this video to find out how you can impress the IELTS speaking examiner with some great colloquial language using idioms and phrasal verbs to answer this part 1 question about holidays.

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IELTS Speaking: Using a range of vocab

To score highly in the IELTS Speaking test, you need to use a wide range of vocabulary including lots of adjectives and adverbs to make your speech more descriptive. At the same time you want to avoid using basic adjectives and adverbs like 'very' and 'good' and 'nice'.

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IELTS secrets

There are lots of questions that candidates often ask us about IELTS test questions and the marking system and we realise that there is also a lot of false information being shared on the internet. Here are some IELTS secrets that you may not be aware of.....

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Onkar - iPass student of the month!

Onkar from India is our March student of the month! Read More →

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‚ÄčIt was a long journey to get my desired score with overall band 7.5 (8 in Listening, 7 in Reading, Writing and Speaking) taking a total of 9 IELTS tests in total!

I got stuck in getting band 6.5 either in Speaking and Writing that frustrated me so much. 

The speaking practices with Jenny helped me to alert my basic, fundamental grammatical mistakes gradually. 

There is no shortcut for success in IELTS but practices and learning from errors is definitely a way.


- Peggy - Hong Kong

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