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Davide - Italy

Davide - Italy

​I subscribed to the IELTS 7 course and even though you are supposed to finish it in 8 weeks, working hard, it can be done in 4 weeks.

This is what I did, achieving an overall 7.0 that allowed me to get accepted on an MBA course.

I took the IELTS the first time 3 years ago, achieving a 6.5, but the IELTS 7 course has allowed me to reach the 7.0.

I surely recommend this course if you are looking for a flexible course and you already have a medium/good level of English (depends what you want to reach).

Moreover, it has been a pleasure to chat via Skype with Nigel and write with the other teachers. All the teachers are very well prepared and the course is well structured.

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