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Idiom workout: the weather

Idioms are an essential part of the English language and being able to use them correctly and naturally in conversation demonstrates a deeper awareness of the language and will definitely boost your lexical score in the IELTS speaking test.

The idioms presented in this video are all related to the weather - a favourite topic for making small talk in the UK.

Do you know any more idioms that have a weather theme?

For example:

to be/feel under the weather = to feel less than 100% / to feel a bit ill

“I don’t think I’ll go out tonight. I’m feeling a bit under the weather

If you know any more, post them in the comments box below!

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Bozena, Poland

Bozena, Poland

I have received my results today. I only had few weeks to prepare to get a Band 7, but thanks to your help I got 9 in Listening and Reading and 8 in Speaking (surprise cause it was mainly about art-not my piece of cake:)) Sadly because of my bad time management I did not finished task 1 in writing but got 6 anyway. However, I was afraid i may get much less. I scored 8 out of 9 for all. Needed 7.5 so mission accomplished!

Many many thanks and all the best with expanding your business.

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