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IELTS Speaking 7 Plus - conversation fillers

Do you ever get stuck when you’re having a conversation in English and find yourself hesitating a lot while you try to find the right words and expressions to use?

This is quite normal, even when conversing in our native language, and we usually ‘fill the gaps’ with noises like ‘er’ and ‘um’. This is fine in everyday conversation but NOT when you’re trying to impress the examiner in your IELTS speaking test.

So, this video lesson looks at some very useful ‘conversation fillers’ that you can use in different situations to avoid too much hesitation and they’re also a great way to give yourself a few extra seconds of thinking time too!

And you can even download this free sample worksheet that accompanies the video for extra practice!

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Hyunjin - S.Korea

Hyunjin - S.Korea

​My IELTS speaking band score had been stuck on between 6.0-6.5, but I finally got the achievement (7.5) after the classes with Jenny. She recognised my strengths and weak points very well, gave a lot of actionable advice and helped me overcome the obstacles. I really appreciate her kindness and efforts to support me, and I’m so pleased to recommend iPass to other people who desperately want to become a winner in IELTS!!

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