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Win up to €300 in our IELTS 3-2-1 competition!!

The majority of our students are aiming for high scores in IELTS. Most of them take the Academic test and need Band 7 which is an advanced level equivalent to C1 in the Common European Framework (CEF).

However, a growing number of our students are taking IELTS as a pre-requisite to register for the General Medical Council (GMC) to work as a doctor in the UK or the Nursing Midwifery Council (NMC) if they are nurses or midwives. For this they not only require an overall band 7 (7.5 for doctors) but a minimum of Band 7 in each module: speaking; listening; writing; speaking. And anyone who has tried this will know that it’s not an easy task!

At iPass, we specialise in helping people achieve that goal. Most often it’s the Academic writing test that causes the most difficulty for candidates, but with the guidance and support of our expert team of IELTS specialists they are able to overcome the challenge!

But it does not come without a lot of hard work and perseveration and at iPass we would not only like to recognise that commitment and determination but also reward it.

That’s why we have created our 3-2-1 competition giving away 3 cash prizes of €300 - €200 - €100 - in that order! The 1st prize of €300 will go the first iPass student who writes to us with their Band 7 results (minimum of band 7 in each module) having taken any tutored iPass IELTS preparation course from 1st June 2016.

The 2nd prize of €200 will go to the next person who sends us their results and the 3rd prize of €100 will go to the last person to get 4 band 7s!

We hope this competition will give you an added incentive to study hard and achieve your goal and also help towards the cost of moving abroad and starting a new job or university course.

Good luck!!

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Laura - Italy

Laura - Italy

​I highly recommend iPass IELTS to everyone who wants to succeed at IELTS for a number of reasons.

Firstly, it is not expensive at all and in comparison to other courses, it’s really cheap but not at expense of quality. Secondly, you can practise whenever you can. You just need an Internet connection! What is more, for me, iPass IELTS was crucial for succeeding in the writing and speaking sections.

For the speaking section, it helped me to develop my communication skills, and to be confident in discussing a wide range of topics and to structure my thoughts. Jenny taught me how to correctly use some expressions that are highly valued by the examiner. Last but not least, iPass IELTS helps you to gain the confidence you need during the interview.

For the writing section, iPass IELTS helped me to coherently structure two essays in a very short amount of time. The detailed and personalized feedbacks by Nigel and Jenny were essential for me to identify my strengthens and weaknesses in writing and to correct them before my exam.

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