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Free IELTS Listening Test

Here you can try out a complete IELTS Listening Test, check your answers in the transcripts and calculate your band score!

IELTS Listening Practice Test

1 questions & audio file transcript
2 questions & audio file transcript
3 questions & audio file transcript
4 questions & audio file transcript

What band score did I get?

Calculate your band score using the following conversion table:

Score out of 40 16-17 18-22 23-25 26-29 30-31 32-34 35-38
IELTS band score 5 5.5 6 6.5 7 7.5 8

How can I get a higher band score in listening?

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I’ve found the site is very much useful specially for those who are very weak in English.

- Guddu, Bangladesh

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