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Listening Section 2: Travel

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Section 2: Questions 11 to 20

Questions 11 to 18

Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

11. What did the speaker’s friend say about his volunteering and travel experience?

  1. He felt part of the community he visited.
  2. It was a cheap way to travel a long distance.
  3. The training he received on the trip was very useful.

12. The recent survey shows that increasingly travellers want

  1. to avoid standard tourist destinations.
  2. to have more contact with local people.
  3. to feel that they can contribute something.

13. What does the speaker recommend in a ‘voluntouring’ trip?

  1. combining different activities
  2. learning the language before you go
  3. making sure the climate suits you

14.The speaker says you should think about your interests and

  1. how long the trip will last
  2. who else will go on the same trip
  3. what skills you can offer on the trip

15. The speaker says an important benefit of 'voluntourism' for the traveller is

  1. learning about local customs
  2. being looked after by local people
  3. travelling by local transport

16. The speaker recommends getting a business to sponsor your 'voluntourism' trip

  1. because it saves money which you can donate to local people
  2. because local people will take you more seriously
  3. because businesses are interested in local markets.

17. Why does the speaker say trips that combine work and holidays are a good idea?

  1. They encourage travellers to go back to the places they visit
  2. They mean travellers visit places they would not otherwise
  3. They reduce the damage travellers cause to the environment

18. What criticism was made in a recent newspaper article about 'voluntourism'?

  1. The trips are too short to provide meaningful experiences.
  2. People only go on the trips because it is fashionable at present
  3. None of the money volunteers pay reaches the local communities
Questions 19 and 20

For each question 19 and 20, choose TWO letters, A-F

19. Which TWO things should you check when researching possible ‘voluntourism’ trips?

  1. the size of the group of volunteers
  2. what qualifications are needed
  3. how long the scheme has been running
  4. the history of the country
  5. who your family can contact
  6. what insurance cover is included

20. Which TWO things should you always take on any ‘voluntourism’ trip?

  1. journal
  2. phrasebook
  3. medical supplies
  4. credit card
  5. camera
  6. gifts

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