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Are you one of the following people who needs IELTS?
  • A non-EU trained health professional applying to register with the NMC (Nursing & Midwifery Council) in the UK?
  • An international medical graduate taking the PLAB test to register with the GMC (General Medical Council) in the UK?
  • A qualified pharmacist taking the KAPS test to register for the Pharmacy Council in New Zealand or Australia?
Do you need at least Band 7 in each module with an overall 7.5?

At iPass, we know how frustrating and tough that can be. But, with the right help and support from our team of highly experienced IELTS professionals, who have been helping IELTS candidates around the world for over 10 years, you too can achieve that goal.

Why should you choose iPass IELTS?

Our online IELTS preparation courses are designed to give you the flexibility to study independently in your own time and at your own pace.

However, for real progress and improvement to be made we strongly believe that the expert advice and support of an IELTS teacher cannot be ignored.

That's why all of our courses include personal 1-2-1 tuition to help students gain more confidence in their speaking and writing skills and provide essential feedback so that they know which areas need to be improved to acquire a higher band score.

We aim to deliver 100% quality, 100% expertise and 100% improvement.

The key features of our courses are:

  • personal training - get expert advice from our team of native English-speaking tutors on how to make quick progress in your IELTS speaking and writing skills.
  • immediate feedback – receive an instant assessment of your speaking test after each online practice, including detailed corrections and tips on how to get a higher band score.
  • writing assessments - get detailed written and oral feedback on each writing task you submit, including sample answers and links for further practice.
  • IELTS social network – follow us on facebook and twitter for all the latest iPass updates and IELTS test tips and interact with IELTS candidates worldwide on IELTS amigo.

At iPass we have been helping people overcome IELTS to realise their dreams of studying or working abroad for the last 10 years.

Read what some of them had to say about our preparation courses after achieving IELTS success with iPass.

Congratulations to Javed in Iran!!

​Javad, who did the iPass Writing course, took his IELTS test on 13th June and got overall band 8 with 8.5 in Reading, Listening and Speaking and Band 7 in Writing!

We wish him luck with his plans to emigrate to Canada!!


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I highly recommend iPass to anyone who seriously wants best result in the IELTS exam. If I had not gone through iPass and met Mr Nigel, I would not have passed the ielts.
Last year I sat for it and had 6.5 as overall band score but as a prospective PhD student in English in any of the UK universities, having 6.5 is unacceptable. The required overall band score should be 7.0.
Thanks to Mr Nigel, I resat the ielts and had 8.0 in the speaking test, 7.5 in reading, 6.5 in writing and a 6 in listening, which I guess had to do with lack of concentration at that point. Above all I am elated. My overall band score is 7.0. This is exactly what I want and I am very grateful.

It is a terrible mistake for anyone to think that he or she can go through the ielts alone with any outside assistance. The four sections of the exam are jam-packed with tricky questions that even a native speaker will struggle with. My advice is — go for help with Do not be ashamed to open up your weak points in English so that they can help you. And be ready to do all the exercises on the iPassielts website (of course after you’ve registered!) Finally take the speaking exercise seriously with either Mr Nigel or Jenny. I had 8.0 in my speaking test because I listened to them. They are awesome!

- Princess A - France

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