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The iPass IELTS Vocabulary course provides online practice in all 4 IELTS skills with a special focus on essential vocabulary needed to speak and write about a variety of topics.

There are 4 IELTS topic-based units: Health; Work; Travel; The Environment

Each unit is divided into separate sections:

There are also 3 IELTS vocab-builder sections at different levels to help you extend your range of vocabulary.

There are over 90 pages of exercises, to help you build your lexical range for a higher band score.

The words and phrases you will learn can be used to discuss familiar topics such as family, work, studies and free time and less common vocabulary for broader topics such as health, the environment, crime and technology.

And if you need key vocabulary for Band 7, there are also essential exercises on useful collocations, phrasal verbs and idiomatic language, which will help you to demonstrate a knowledge of less common lexis in the IELTS writing and speaking test.

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Rodrigo - Brazil

​I would like to thank you for the support offered during the IELTS Lite course because it helped me not only to achieve overall band 7 on the test, but also to have a real improvement in my English abilities. In my opinion, the combination of methodology, online materials available and the skype tutorials with Nigel, a highly skilled teacher, makes iPassIELTS so strong and helpful. For these reasons, I highly recommend your courses for those who want to reach good scores. Thanks a lot –  at last I’m off to Canada!!


Rodrigo - Brazil

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