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IELTS Speaking Test - Part 2

Study the prompts on the cue card carefully and use your 1-minute preparation time to brainstorm as many key words and phrases related to the topic as you can think of.


Describe a national festival in your country. You should say:

- when it takes place
- why it takes place
- what the people do during this festival

and explain why this festival is important to you.


- celebrate love and romance
- go out for romantic meals / movies
- see a date film / movie
- a romantic comedy (a rom-com)
- buy chocolates and flowers
- make romantic gestures
- buy cuddly toys / jewellery
- exchange heart-shaped gifts
- go for weekends away
- propose marriage / make marriage proposals

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Sara - Iraq

Sara - Iraq

​I would like to thank Jenny and her team for their enormous help during my IELTS journey. Jenny is extremely kind, patient, professional, approachable and friendly.

With the help from speaking and writing plus programme I could overcome my weak points and fulfil the requirements for my dental registration in the UK. My
scores were L:8.5 R:8 W:7 S:7.

I really recommend Jenny and the iPass team to everyone.

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