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IELTS Speaking Test - Part 2

Study the prompts on the cue card carefully and use your 1-minute preparation time to brainstorm as many key words and phrases related to the topic as you can think of.


Describe a national festival in your country. You should say:

- when it takes place
- why it takes place
- what the people do during this festival

and explain why this festival is important to you.


- celebrate love and romance
- go out for romantic meals / movies
- see a date film / movie
- a romantic comedy (a rom-com)
- buy chocolates and flowers
- make romantic gestures
- buy cuddly toys / jewellery
- exchange heart-shaped gifts
- go for weekends away
- propose marriage / make marriage proposals

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Vivian - Hong Kong

Vivian - Hong Kong

Hello, I am glad that I got the results I needed for applying Aussie PR. Below is my story:

I couldn’t get band 7 in Speaking for applying Australian permanent residency, though I thought I had done plenty of preparation by reading books and doing practice exams. I joined iPassIELTS Excel and got one-to-one interview and personal suggestion from Nigel, and got 7 in Speaking. Only IELTS instructor can point out my weaknesses accurately, talking with friends casually and practicing with IELTS buddies are not as efficient. Thanks again, Nigel, a real Xmas present for me!

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