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IELTS Lite is the ideal online test preparation course for candidates who .....

I found the IELTS Lite course very useful and well structured. In particular, it helps students to understand the IELTS exam, its structure and what the examiner really wants from you. The result was excellent: 7 in speaking, writing and listening; 8.5 in reading and 7.5 overall!

Sofia - Italy

Compare IELTS Lite with other iPass courses:

How long is the course? 6 weeks 4 weeks 8 weeks
How long is needed to complete the course? 25 hours approx 20 hours approx 30 hours approx
How much does the course cost? €70 €95 €80
What level of English do I need? B2-C1 B1-B2 B1-B2
Will I have an online personal tutor? YES YES YES
How many practice speaking tests are included? 2 4 3
How many self-access lessons does it include? 15 15 15
Can I work through the lessons in my own time? YES YES YES
How many writing assessments will I get? 4 6 6
How many reading tests does it include? 10 14 14
How many listening tests does it include? 4 6 6
Does it include separate reading & writing material for Academic & GeneraL IELTS? YES YES YES
Does it include full access to the IELTS toolkit? YES YES YES

I got overall 8.0 band after joining the IELTS Lite course. I would like to express my gratitude to my tutor for his guidance and support in both writing and speaking tasks. His feedback through Skype made this success, especially in my weak areas of speaking which I improved by a complete band from 6.5 to 7.5!

Aruna - Singapore

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Davide - Italy

​I subscribed to the IELTS Lite course and even though you are supposed to finish it in 8 weeks, working hard, it can be done in 4 weeks.

This is what I did, achieving an overall 7.0 that allowed me to get accepted on an MBA course.

I took the IELTS the first time 3 years ago, achieving a 6.5, but the IELTS Lite course has allowed me to reach the 7.0.

I surely recommend this course if you are looking for a flexible course and you already have a medium/good level of English (depends what you want to reach).

Moreover, it has been a pleasure to chat via Skype with Nigel and write with the other teachers. All the teachers are very well prepared and the course is well structured.


Davide - Italy

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