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IELTS mock tests: plan 1

€20 / 4-week access
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IELTS mock tests are speaking or writing tests which are corrected by iPass tutors who give detailed feedback and expert tips on how to get a higher band score.

The mock tests are an ideal solution for candidates who don't want a full IELTS preparation course, but just need advice on how to quickly improve their writing and/or speaking skills before their exam.

There are 3 plans to choose from:

1 mock test 1 live speaking test OR 1 writing test €20
2 mock tests 2 speaking tests OR 2 writing tests OR one of each €35
3 mock tests 3 speaking tests OR 3 writing tests OR combination of both €55

*1 writing test = 2 writing tasks (task 1 and task 2)

The mock tests helped me prepare for the writing and speaking tests. The feedback I received was punctual and clear and also included useful links and recorded commentaries with effective strategies on how to improve.

A great added value is their ability to explain the examiner's perspective so you can approach the exam with confidence. As a result, I got 7 in writing and 7.5 in speaking, an improvement of 0.5 in each test in just 2 weeks!!

Andres, Colombia


Can I combine speaking and writing tests in one plan?

Yes. For example, if you choose Plan 2, you can have 1 speaking test and 1 writing test. Or if you choose Plan 3, you can have 2 speaking tests and 1 writing test or vice versa.

How long are the mock speaking test interviews?

The interviews take approximately 30-40 mins (5-min intro; 15-min interview; 10-20-min feedback)

Are all the interviews done online?

Yes. We usually use Skype, but we can also use Viber or Google Hangout if there is a problem with Skype.

Does it matter if I live in Australia? What about the time difference?

No, don't worry! We have tutors in Spain, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand and the US with very flexible timetables, so we are able to interview students all over the world!

Are the tutors all native English teachers?

Yes. All of our tutors are highly qualified native English teachers with many years experience of preparing students for the IELTS test.

How long do I have to wait for my feedback?

For the speaking tests, your feedback is immediate. Your tutor will highlight your good points, make you aware of your mistakes, and advise you on the areas you need to improve to get a higher band score.

For the writing tests, you receive your feedback by email within 1-3 days of submission. It includes:

You can see an example of our professional feedback here.

​I took a Plan 2 (1 speaking test and 2 writing tasks). The support and guidance I got was very precise and helped me to secure 8 in speaking and 7 in writing. After one speaking test, my tutor pointed out my mistakes and gave me some links for correction. The video presentations of my writing tasks helped me understand my mistakes in a better way. I would recommend iPass to anyone who is looking for band 7 or 7+ in IELTS.

Naveed, Pakistan

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Ma Belen - The Philippines

Ma Belen - The Philippines

I would like to say a big “Thank You” to the iPassielts online course and tutors that have been so helpful and supportive for my IELTS exam and even for my job position here in the UK. I took the IELTS exam last June 28, 2014 and I achieved an overall score of 7 through the continuous support that I have received from my tutor. I scored 8 in Listening, 7 in Reading, 6.5 in Writing and 7 in Speaking, which is not bad for a first timer.
I am really grateful for the ipassielts team because when I asked them to be one of my references in a job position that I am applying for they responded immediately and gave me an awesome reference without any hesitation. I feel honoured and delighted with all the efforts that they have shown me throughout my journey from the preparation for the exam until getting a health care assistant position at NHS in the UK.
Finally, I am looking forward to retaking the exam and working with ipassielts once more to pursue my nursing registration in the United Kingdom.
If you are taking IELTS and do not have the confidence, why not try enrolling at ipassielts and start building your future. In ipassielts, it is always a win-win!

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