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The iPass IELTS Grammar course provides online practice in all 4 IELTS skills with a special focus on essential grammar points needed to demonstrate a variety of structures for a higher band level.

There are 4 IELTS topic-based units: Health; Work; Travel; The Environment

Each unit is divided into separate sections:

There are also 3 IELTS grammar focus sections at different levels to help you extend your range of grammatical structures.

Each level covers 40 key grammar areas, to help you extend your grammatical range to include a mix of simple and complex sentence forms.

Here is a sample of the grammar points that are covered at each level:

At the end of each section (10 units) there is a short test to help you revise the grammar points that you have learned before you progress to the next unit.

And there are also general revision pages at the end of each level to make sure you have understood the key grammar points before you go to the next level!

At the end of the course, you will have a clear idea of the type of grammatical structures that you are expected to use to achieve a Band 5, 6 or 7 in the IELTS test.

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Davide - Italy

​I subscribed to the IELTS Lite course and even though you are supposed to finish it in 8 weeks, working hard, it can be done in 4 weeks.

This is what I did, achieving an overall 7.0 that allowed me to get accepted on an MBA course.

I took the IELTS the first time 3 years ago, achieving a 6.5, but the IELTS Lite course has allowed me to reach the 7.0.

I surely recommend this course if you are looking for a flexible course and you already have a medium/good level of English (depends what you want to reach).

Moreover, it has been a pleasure to chat via Skype with Nigel and write with the other teachers. All the teachers are very well prepared and the course is well structured.


Davide - Italy

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