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Vital Vocabulary 2 is based on the 1,000 - 2,000 most frequently used words in English.

In each of the 100 units, you are introduced to 10 new words and provided with interactive reading, listening and writing practice activities to help you recognise and use these words effectively.

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The aim of this resource is to focus your attention on the essential information about each word, including:

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Hannah - Ghana

I used iPass mainly because I had sat for the Ielts twice and had 6.5 each time in the writing module, so I purchased the writing plus course to get band 7. The study materials on the course were very effective but I must say that it was the feedback after my assignments that really helped me to know my shortcomings. My results were great this time: writing 7, speaking 7, reading 7.5 and listening 8. Thanx to the iPass IELTS team, I can now start with my NMC registration!


Hannah - Ghana

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