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Nurses Interview Module - €30

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The Nurses Interview Module is aimed at nurses who need one-to-one interview practice in preparation for a real job application.

After studying the typical questions and answers that you can expect in a real job interview, you will have a 1-hour online practice interview with a native English iPass tutor, who will give you immediate feedback on your performance.

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The iPass practice interview module provides an extensive list of authentic interview questions in 3 main areas:

  1. General Questions
  2. Previous Experience
  3. Work Scenarios

After each question there are several examples of different answers you could give in response.

For example:

  1. What are you looking for in the new job?
    • I feel I have more to offer in the area of ...and I would like to be part of a committed team.
    • I have been working for the past X years in (hospital/country) and I would like to build on the experience I have gained there and...
    • I would like the opportunity to develop my current skills in...
    • I would like to move to a new country/hospital in order to develop my skills in...
  2. Give an example of when you have had to work as part of a team.
    • My job relies heavily on working as part of a team. A specific example is when...
    • Working closely as a team is a crucial part of my job. For example,...
    • I have always worked as part of team. For example, in my current / last post there was a situation where...
    • Good teamwork is an essential part of my job as a nurse/doctor. A specific example includes,...
  3. How do Scrub Nurses get involved in the preparation and performance of surgical procedures and ensure a safe environment for the patient ?
    • Prior to a surgical procedure, the scrub nurse has to...
    • In my experience, the role of the scrub nurse is to...
    • During the surgical procedure, the scrub nurse is required to...
    • To ensure a safe and hygenic environment, the scrub nurse has to … / has to make sure that...

You will also find useful language structures which are appropriate to use with particular questions. For example, the modal passive;

Modal verb Verb 'to be' Past participle
must be scrubbed
have to be cleaned
should be checked

Put the theory into practice!

Once you have studied the question and answer documents, arrange an appointment with an iPass tutor who will guide you through a practice interview and give you constructive feedback on how to improve.

We have already started to help nurses and midwives secure jobs abroad!

"Thanks to iPass, I passed the interview for a job in the UK. I'm really happy. Thanks to the online practice I could speak more confidently during the interview. I really recommend this course."

Teresa, Naples

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Ramprakash - India

Ramprakash - India

I am so excited on seeing my IELTS result, it was awesome to get 7 in Speaking. The fact is I registered with iPassIELTS for only 3 speaking sessions with Nigel, but those online interviews really boosted my confidence and since the online mock test was an exact replica of the real IELTS exam, I felt so comfortable during the speaking test. Even the topic was the same as I had during the mock test.

Nigel was truly wonderful during all my practice tests, he was so patient and he subsequently provided me with good tips and he corrected me whenever I made mistakes in grammar, pronunciation and linking of sentences. I am really happy and satisfied with his tuition and help. I am eager to score more in all modules so I hope to take a complete IELTS package in the future with iPass.

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