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IELTS secrets

There are lots of questions that candidates often ask us about IELTS test questions and the marking system and we realise that there is also a lot of false information being shared on the internet. Here are some IELTS secrets that you may not be aware of.....

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Onkar - iPass student of the month!

Onkar from India is our March student of the month! Read More →

IELTS Speaking 7 Plus - free video lesson!!

Check out this great video lesson from the IELTS Speaking 7+ course!

It shows you how to incorporate new words and phrases into your everyday speech so that you can widen your vocabulary and score higher in the category of lexical resource.

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Speaking Test - Part 1 - Where you’re from

In Part 1 of the IELTS Speaking test you will be asked about various familiar topics related to work / studies / family / hobbies / home / future plans etc. Therefore it is a good idea to start thinking about these topics in advance and consider what type of questions you could be asked.

It is not a good idea to prepare pre-rehearsed scripted answers which won't sound very natural and spontaneous but you can start thinking about useful words and phrases that you might be able to use when talking about these familiar topics.

This free worksheet from the IELTS Speaking 7 Plus course helps you to start thinking about how you could answer questions about where you're from.

FREE IS7+ WORKSHEET: Where_You_Come_From.pdf

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Speaking Test - Part 3 - Family questions

Take a look at these sample questions related to 'family life' that you could be asked in Part 3 of the IELTS Speaking test.

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Speaking Test - Part 2 - sample question

Look at this sample question together with our top tips on how to give a full and well-balanced answer!

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Cool and contemporary vocab - crime

Crime is often in the news nowadays.You might hear about someone being arrested for breaking the law or another person being fined or jailed for committing a more serious offence. The fact that there is such a wide range of crimes - including the rise of cyber crime in our digital age - and so many different reasons why people commit crimes makes it a very interesting topic and one that you may be asked to write about in your IELTS test.

man in jail

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Cool and contemporary vocab - healthcare

This blogpost looks at everyday English words and phrases related to healthcare. Health is a very common topic in IELTS because it covers so many aspects of our lives: hobbies, fitness, sports, jobs, diet to mention just a few.

healthcare stethoscope

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IELTS Speaking 7 Plus - AVAILABLE 1st MARCH!!

Our brand new video course for the IELTS Speaking test will be available to buy tomorrow!! Watch this video to see what it's all about!

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IELTS Speaking 7 Plus - conversation fillers

Here is the 3rd sample video from the new IELTS Speaking 7 Plus video course that we are excited to be launching next week! This video focuses on 'conversation fillers' - useful language you can use to avoid long pauses when you're not quite sure what to say or when you need a bit more time to respond.

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Hi Nigel, I would like to thank you a lot for your precious help and I am glad to tell you that I have passed the ielts test with an overall score of 7.5 (listening 8, reading 7.5, WRITING 7 and speaking 7) so mission accomplished! Thank you very much - your website is so helpful and if I’d heard about your website before I wouldn’t wasted my time and money in useless courses. I appreciate your help ..... thanks again.

- Ahmad - Egypt

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