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The Reader

After twice going to the wrong cinema in an attempt to watch Kate Winslet’s Oscar-winning performance in The Reader – the first time it wasn’t showing in original version and the second time there were no tickets left – with added anticipation, I finally got round to seeing it last Wednesday. And I wasn’t disappointed. Read More →

Twittering about Twitter

Twitter – isn’t that something old ladies used to do over the garden fence or at the bus stop? Inconsequential chatter about the neighbour’s dog or the infrequency of buses running on time? Not any more apparently! The word Twitter has a whole new significance in the post-modern world of ‘hyper-connectivity’ and 'social networking' with the sudden popularity of twitter.com Read More →

The writing is (still) on the wall

In Roman times graffiti (graffiti is a Latin word meaning ‘scratched’) was a way of communicating to the masses – well at least those in your neighbourhood - from the profane to the amusing to the informative – for example, reporting the behaviour of your neighbour, politician or moneylender. Through the centuries it has moved on to express social dissatisfaction, complain about oppressive rule or even incite revolution but today it seems as though graffiti as an merely an occupation, and sadly there are too many who just buy a can or two of spray paint and set out on a dark night to decorate the city where they live. But are they all just urban hoodies with nothing else to do? Read More →

Mumpreneurs in Barcelona

Read More →

Who’s responsible for teaching your child to read?

Remembering that I was able to read pretty competently before I was five (I have a clear memory of having to do a reading test, aged 4 and a half, in order to attend the local Catholic School when my parents moved towns) I figured that when my son turned 4 a couple of months ago it was time to start introducing him to the joy of reading for himself. As a child who has always loved books and reading stories as an integral part of his bedtime routine, I imagined he would be eager to learn. Coupled with the fact that he is now beginning to learn his letters at school and is constantly asking how to write certain words, it seemed like the right time to start. As we live in Barcelona his language at school is Catalan so I figured it was up to me and my partner to take on the responsibility of teaching him to read in English. Read More →

Dear Dawn French

I have just finished reading your autobiography Dear Fatty and would like to say what a truly pleasurable and heartfelt read it was. Read More →

A Reason to Read

Some classroom activities for primary EFL teachers to initiate motivation! Read More →

Learning English: the smart thing to do during the recession

The recession is here and we are all likely to be victims, like it or not. How it affects us depends on many factors, but times are tough and we have to make difficult decisions that may have big consequences for the future. Read More →

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Time for our latest film review. Next up "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". Check it out! Read More →

Revolutionary Road

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For my preparations for General IELTS I signed up for writing and speaking exercises with iPass IELTS. This proved to be immensely helpful in securing the minimum 7 bands I needed in each section. The speaking sessions with Ms. Jenny and Mr. Nigel made me aware of various mistakes I was committing and methods to rectify them. In writing I couldn’t have secured 7 bands without the assessments because they were essential in understanding where I could lose marks such as the tone of the letter, inaccuracies in tenses etc. I recommend everyone who is preparing for IELTS to sign up with iPass, it’d definitely help you achieve your required band score and even more than that. My final scores were R9,L8.5,W7,S7.  Thanks again iPass team!


- Pranay Gupta - India

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