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IELTS Writing Test

Here you can find important information and useful practice exercises to help you prepare for the Academic and General IELTS writing tests.

I had real trouble reaching band 7 in writing. I was stuck at 6.5. I took the IELTS writing course with Jenny and Nigel and I succeeded! They were really helpful, giving me advice, tips and encouragement. Both of them sent me corrections really quickly with lots of points I had to improve and ways to do precisely that!

Elodie, France

Enrol on the iPass IELTS Writing or Writing Plus course and get professional feedback on your written skills to help you get the band score you need.

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Chihiro - Japan

I especially recommend the speaking practice course, and thanks to that, I got 7.5 on speaking and 7.0 overall. Before taking this course, I had taken different online practice by a different school, which does not specialise in IELTS. A tutor of the school changed my whole sentences into her complete ones. Jenny, by contrast, has ample knowledge of IELTS and lots of experience for teaching test-takers so she gave me reliable advice with which I could make immediate improvement. These lessons built my confidence, and produced my motivation to review and prepare for lessons with her. Most importantly, she understood my schedule of IELTS, and  encouraged empathically. I'm pretty sure I can't achieve my target without her big support!

Chihiro - Japan

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