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Winwin - iPass student of the month

WinWin joined iPass in August this year because she needed an overall band 6.5 in Academic IELTS in order to study for a BA in English with Psychology in Singapore.

She decided to join the 30-day IELTS Express course because she was planning to take her test in September and didn’t have very long to prepare.

5 weeks after signing up, WinWin wrote to us to say that she had got the scores she needed: Listening: 6; Reading: 7; Writing: 6; Speaking: 6; Overall: 6.5

She was able to go ahead with her university application and is now waiting to hear if she has been accepted.

We really hope that she will be so that she can go even further and fulfil her ultimate dream of studying for a master’s degree in the UK or US.


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​I took the IELTS twice in the Philippines and I was really disappointed that my other subtests were mostly 8 and a 7.5 but my writing was only 6.5. Despite the fact that I enrolled in a review center, reviewed hard and practiced a lot, I still got the same scores when I sat the test again for the SECOND TIME. After that, I started to search online for someone who could check my writing assessments, and I found iPass IELTS and I was really convinced when I read the testimonials. 

I enrolled on the IELTS writing course right away and sent my sample writing as soon as I could. I got band 7.0-7.5 (task 1) and 7.5-8.0 (task 2) in my first sample writing assessments. I was actually surprised because in the Philippines I only scored 6.5. I followed the corrections, tips and suggestions given to me by the iPass tutors. I became aware of the common mistakes and I also tried to use the good language again in my actual IELTS writing test. The assessments that iPass provide are CLEAR and DETAILED, and include a recorded video explanation for each assessment. 

I only took the course for less than 2 weeks (12 days) because I didn’t have any more time and my IELTS test was already scheduled. But thanks to iPass IELTS I finally got band 7.0 in my IELTS Academic Writing!


- Janet - The Philippines

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