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Cool & contemporary vocab: movies

In Part 2 of the IELTS speaking test, you might be asked to describe a film that has made a lasting impression on you, so you need to be able to use some descriptive language to explain why you found this particular film memorable.

In Part 3, the examiner might ask you to compare watching a film at the cinema or at home, or you might be asked about the popularity of the cinema in your country. It’s not a difficult topic to speak about but to get a high score, you need to show that you can accurately use less common vocabulary in an interesting and natural way. Here are some excellent examples to get you started!















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I have received my results today. I only had few weeks to prepare to get a Band 7, but thanks to your help I got 9 in Listening and Reading and 8 in Speaking (surprise cause it was mainly about art-not my piece of cake:)) Sadly because of my bad time management I did not finished task 1 in writing but got 6 anyway. However, I was afraid i may get much less. I scored 8 out of 9 for all. Needed 7.5 so mission accomplished!

Many many thanks and all the best with expanding your business.

- Bozena, Poland

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