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Anu - iPass student of the month

We have chosen Anu as our November student of the month because she was determined to clear IELTS despite ‘struggling a lot to score band 7 in writing’ which she admitted was her ‘biggest hurdle’

When Anu, a doctor from Nepal, signed with iPass in September she told us that her dream was to work as a midwife in the UK but she was starting to feel very frustrated with the IELTS test because she had spent a lot of money on other online materials but not succeeded, even after several attempts. To register with the GMC in the UK, Anu needed an overall band 7.5 with no individual score below band 7.

Eventually she was recommended by a friend to go to iPass to help improve her IELTS writing skills. She said she needed to understand her mistakes as well as her weak points and with the constant help of our tutors she was able to work on specific areas of her writing that helped her a lot to improve.

Finally she was able to clear IELTS with overall band 8 (7 in writing) and is now planning to start working in England as a midwife. She told us “It would never be possible without achieving the required criteria in IELTS. Clearing this test was the gateway to my dream job. All credits go to you and your team. I don’t have enough words to thank you.”

Well, we certainly don’t believe that we deserve the credit because Anu was the one who persevered and kept practising while taking all of the feedback onboard in order to overcome the difficulties she was having before and finally it all paid off.

Everyone on the iPass team wishes her well with her future career in the UK!


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Hello, I am glad that I got the results I needed for applying Aussie PR. Below is my story:

I couldn’t get band 7 in Speaking for applying Australian permanent residency, though I thought I had done plenty of preparation by reading books and doing practice exams. I joined iPassIELTS Excel and got one-to-one interview and personal suggestion from Nigel, and got 7 in Speaking. Only IELTS instructor can point out my weaknesses accurately, talking with friends casually and practicing with IELTS buddies are not as efficient. Thanks again, Nigel, a real Xmas present for me!

- Vivian - Hong Kong

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