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XU Hao Transcript Part Two

Xu Hao Speaking Test Transcript Part Two

Examiner: Alright, remember you have 1 to 2 minutes for this so don’t worry if I stop you. Can you start now please?

Candidate: Er, yes I will talk to you that the most important conversation for me and it was take place, er, 2 weeks and in Bordeaux. Er, I it is a conversation for the internship. I was er, I want to, I wanted to find an internship in Bordeaux and er, er, the city, er the society give me a chance, er give me a chance to er, this conversation and I er talk to the director and I share my idea with him. Because I am a foreigner, er, it is the 6 months for me to live in a foreigner country. I think this conversation give me many much confidence. I have, er, I have realised my, er I have realised my er, what I want to do, er in Bordeaux, er and it is very important for me and er, er that’s all.

Examiner: OK, thank you. Have you spoken to this person again?

Candidate: Er, no I just er now send an email to him.

Examiner: Can I have the test paper, pencil and paper back please?

Candidate: Yes.

Examiner: We’ve been talking about a conversation that was important to you and now I’d like to ask you 1 or 2 more general questions related to this. Let’s consider first of all communication and the internet. How do people use the internet to communicate these days?

Candidate: Er, people use the internet every day and people send the email and people chat, er on internet.

Examiner: Do you agree that the internet has made it easier to communicate

Candidate: Er, yes it is very convenient to use the internet and er we can do many things er, more, er more fast.

Examiner: What differences are there between internet communication and more traditional methods such as face-to-face interaction and the telephone?

Candidate: Er, er the telephone and we can’t see each other and er for the interview maybe people will be nervous to er, have an interview and for the , if we use the internet and we are the important note and er we can say, er many things in the internet

Examiner: Now let’s consider communication at home. Is it important for families to communicate regularly?

Candidate: Er yes, it’s very important. Er, we are family and we need, er we need to er, to change our opinion and er look for er, love each other.

Examiner: Do you think families spend enough time talking and listening to each other?

Candidate: Erm, for nowadays, erm, people are their full life and er, for they, er, for the students like me, er many students prefer to share their life with their friends not their family

Examiner: What is the best way for parents to communicate with their children?

Candidate: For the parents I think that the parents should er communicate with their children every day at the er, er in the dinner time we can have a er, have a talking to each other.

Examiner: How can people communicate with their friends?

Candidate: Er, we can use the facebook, twitter like this to chat.

Examiner: Thank you. That is the end of the speaking test

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