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Bo from China

Fluency and coherence Lexical resource
Responds to the questions but utilises pauses, repetition and self-correction. Longer turns demonstrate difficulty although some basic linkers are used effectively ('because', 'and'). Manages to talk about each topic but with a limited range of lexis. Some words are repeated ('can go',went there') and there are some word formation problems ('very easy', 'quite well').
Grammatical range and accuracy Pronunciation
Simple tenses are adopted to answer most questions with little evidence of more advanced forms. Also, errors stand out such as basic comparatives ('more easy', more clean'), plurals ('old building', 'different country') and ommitted articles ('living in city'). A significant portion of the speech is understandable and there is some good stress and intonation but numerous sounds are mispronounced (L/R/V) and words such as 'walk' and 'people' are difficult to understand. There is also some weak stress of final consonants and little evidence of continued pronunication features over long turns.
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Peter, Slovakia

Based on my almost 4 years of experience and 13 attempts, I can tell you, that you just can’t reach band 7 without an expert help, such as Jenny’s or Nigel’s. The specific requirements of this exam aren’t built for a regular people to perform them without any guidance… To be more precise, it’s exceptionally true about writing proper almost academic essays in required composition, tone and structure. Finally, Jenny, Thank you for all your efforts, exceptionally helpful, effective and friendly approach!

Peter, Slovakia

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