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Ana from France

Fluency and coherence Lexical resource
Is capable and willing to respond at length to each question and utilises some linking devices effectively (and, so and because). However, they are repetitive and a number of pauses are also evident. Manages to discuss each topic with an adequate range of language which allows some precise meaning to be conveyed ('from time to time' ,'negative impact', 'I live faraway').
Grammatical range and accuracy Pronunciation
A good mix of simple and more complex structures ('I'm very fond of taking', 'if..') are employed to good affect but with errors ('If I could have not finished', 'if I had to choose I will', 'no one is answering anymore we all connected'). There is a range of pausing, stress, intonation and chunking but it is not sustained and some portions become fast and hard to comprehend. Accent has very little influence on pronunciation in general though.
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Hiedi, The Philippines

The thing I like about this course is the schedule. I am not pressured at all. I can concentrate more cause it’s self study, and Jenny really help me a lot in my writing and speaking skills. Thanks a lot.

Hiedi, The Philippines

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