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Zara’s Video: Part Two

Fluency and coherence Lexical resource
Able to answer the questions but only with short answers. Several good linking devices are used (and,or,so,because) but there are a few examples of hesitation ('err'). Manages to express precise meaning about all the subjects due to a good range of vocabulary (intellectual, productive) and some examples of more colloquial language ('to keep in touch' and 'practically everything is done').
Grammatical range and accuracy Pronunciation
Basic sentences and clauses are generally employed but with some repetitive structures ('you/I can+verb'). There are a few attempts at more complex formulations (since they were born, they are not used to') with varied success. Can generally be understood due to a very clear accent but examples of word stress, intonation and other pronunciation skills are limited.

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Muayad - Iraq

​I would like to thank Jenny, the tutor on my Express course, for her support and advice during my IELTS battle. I call it battle because I suffered till I achieved the score that I need for the GMC registration in the UK. I have taken the exam 12 times! My biggest hurdle was the writing part. I have tried many courses, materials, websites and books, but could not hit band 7.

Finally, in my 11th and 12th attempt, I succeeded to get the overall 7.5 and 7 in writing, and Jenny continued in touch with me even after the end of the course. I can admit that her support lifted my confidence and helped my determination. Thank you Jenny.


Muayad - Iraq

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