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Xu Hao’s Video: Part One

Fluency and coherence Lexical resource
Produces a degree of fluency but relies on slow speech, self-correction and pauses. More complex and longer speech is clearly more difficult as can be seen in the early finish in part 2. In addition, few linkers are evident (and,because). Vocabulary range is enough to talk about each question but not at length. There are also a number of word formation errors ('study electronic, very difficulty, foreigner country,have a talking').
Grammatical range and accuracy Pronunciation
Has a grasp of basic forms but errors still persist ('now I am study, it was take place, I just send a email to him, more fast'). More complex structures ('if..') are attempted but with errors. A large number of mispronounced words ('Bordeaux, conversation, important') causes difficulty for the learner and the overall rhythm of the language is heavily influenced by the L1. Few pronunciation features are evident and sustained.

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Andrea Rosso - Italy

I found this website searching over the Internet. I immediately understood it was very precise, and when I finally decided to try it, it was very useful, for the very useful tips and for the very precise corrections and feedback about the Writing tasks. Thanks to Jenny I obtained an overall 7.0 and I was really satisfied about it.

Andrea Rosso - Italy

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