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Pedro’s Video: Part One

Fluency and coherence Lexical resource
Can respond to questions but with continual pauses in most turns, slow speech and a number of linguistic breakdowns in the ability to express ideas ('that's all'). 'Because' is also overused to link clauses. Unfamiliar questions are problematic due to limited vocabulary and lead to serious problems in expression. For example, part 2 is cut short. Survival phrases are employed to compensate ('things like that').
Grammatical range and accuracy Pronunciation
Basic sentence forms are common but contain several errors. More complex structures are evident ('one of the most difficult, if you are working) but have very limited success. The fair amount is understandable but eough utterances are mispronounced to cause problems for the listener. A strong accent and L1 pronunciation makes a number of words unclear. Other pronunciation skills such as word stress are also rarely used effectively and turns generally retain the L1 intonation and rhythm.
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Andres - Colombia

​I got what I needed in the Academic IELTS test this time!! I’m very excited! My results were: Listening: 9:0; Reading: 8.0; Writing: 7.5; Speaking: 7.5; Overall: 8.0.

Thank you so much! The writing feedback from you and your team was key to these results, I felt much better writing my essays this time. On the speaking test I felt kinda weird that day. I was really nervous, but at least I didn’t lose points!


Andres - Colombia

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