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Cynthia’s Video: Part Two

Fluency and coherence Lexical resource
Willing to speak at length but with evident linguistic pauses and slow speech. Some basic linkers (so, because, on the other hand) are used well but 'for example' is utilised many times. Demonstrates a sufficient range of vocabulary to deal with most questions but little evidence of idiomatic or collocational knowledge except 'drives like crazy'.'A lot' is repeated many times and 'things' is used due to a lack of precise lexis.
Grammatical range and accuracy Pronunciation
Generally utilises basic tenses (present/past simple, present continuous/perfect) with few errors ('I have worked' used to talk about a past time). An If structure is utilised ('if you live in the country you have to..') but only once. Generally understandable with some good use of word stress and intonation but the latter is overused due to obvious influence of the L1 (down up intonation and the end of clauses and sentences). Also, some words (glamour, queens?) are difficult to comprehend and create difficulty for the listener.

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Xue Dong - New Zealand

First of all, a big “thank you” to you for the timely help which you offered for my speaking, only one week left before my exam. Even though I just had five tutorials on the speaking plus course, I indeed learnt a lot about how to correctly apply what I learnt into the real test, I mean the tiny things in terms of the grammar mistakes. I wouldn’t have the chance to identify it if I had not attend the tutorial. To my surprise, I got 7.5 for speaking!!


Xue Dong - New Zealand

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