IELTS speaking tests, key vocabulary + suggested answers

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Part 1 – sample questions

Part 2 – sample task card

Describe a teacher that had a positive influence on you.

You should say:

  • what subject this teacher taught
  • how long he/she was your teacher
  • what positive attributes this teacher had

and explain why you remember this teacher in particular.

Part 3 – sample questions

  1. Some people say that your school days are the best days of your life. Do you agree?
  2. Do you think school and university prepares young people adequately for real life?
  3. Do you agree there is too much pressure on young people at school these days?
  4. Some people argue that end-of-year exams should be replaced by continuous assessment. What do you think?
  5. Have there been significant changes in schooling methods in your country in recent years?
  6. Do you think schools and universities provide enough careers advice to their students?

Useful Vocabulary



Useful linkers for contrasting ideas

Sample Answer

Is there a system of free state education in your country?

In my country there is a state education system offering free education for children from 3-18, although parents still have to pay for food, materials, school trips and other extra-curricular activities. This is only one part of the system, however, because there are also private schools and semi-private schools, which are partly funded by the state. So on the one hand it appears that we do have free state education, but in actual fact it isn’t available to everyone because places are limited.

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Rodrigo - Brazil

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