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Part 1 – sample questions

Part 2 – sample task card

Describe an interesting journey you have been on.

You should say:

  • where you went
  • how you travelled there
  • who you went with

and explain what was so memorable about the journey.

Part 3 – sample questions

  1. What methods of transport are most popular in your city / country?
  2. What are some of the problems of long-distance travelling?
  3. Has the way people travel changed much in the last few decades?
  4. Do you agree that governments should do more to encourage greener methods of transport?
  5. What measures could be taken to reduce problems of congestion in cities?
  6. Do you think that transport problems are worse in urban or rural areas?

Useful Vocabulary

Typical methods of transport in cities

Other methods of transport

Transport problems

Solutions to inner-city congestion

Useful linkers for giving examples

Sample Answer

What measures could be taken to reduce problems of congestion in cities?

There are many ways that congestion could be reduced in big cities. In my city, for example, they have introduced a bike rental system where members can pick up a bike at one point and drop it off at another. It’s proving to be very popular and as a result more cycle lanes are also being provided.

Another example, which unfortunately doesn’t exist in my city, is a park and ride scheme where you leave your car outside the city in a carpark and then take a free bus into the centre. Another way to prevent people bringing their cars into the city would be to charge a special fee to access the centre, like they do in London, though I guess this wouldn’t be quite so popular with the residents.

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Amjad - Pakistan

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Anu - Nepal

My dream to work as a doctor in the UK would never be possible without achieving the required criteria in IELTS. Clearing this test was the gateway to my dream job. 

However, I struggled a lot to score “band 7” in writing which was my biggest hurdle. I tried tonnes of other online materials, received many tips from people and spent a lot of money, but never succeeded. After several attempts and not getting the criteria was really painful and frustrating.

Fortunately, my friend Sujata recommended me this site. As soon as I joined the Writing Plus course, I saw many improvements in my writing. With the constant help and correction from the greatest teachers, I was able to know my mistakes as well as my weak points. Working on those areas really helped me a lot and finally I was able to clear IELTS with overall band 8. 

I would sincerely thank the iPass team from the bottom of my heart, and particularly Jenny, who not only guided me in my writing but also supported me emotionally.

Finally, I would like to recommend this site to every student who is struggling to pass IELTS. iPass is definitely the best way. Once again thanks a lot.


Anu - Nepal

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