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2.2.1 Public Health - Sample

Like all human needs such as food and education, health care is one of these important concerns. Services like vaccinations or even surgeries are free in some countries but not in others. Whether or not all people have toshould receive free health care, even those who are responsible of for harming themselves, this is the question we aim to find its solution in the following lines answer here. We have There are different opinions regarding this situation.

Some people believe that health care should be made free for everyone. They think that human well-being is an essential aspect for a comfortable life. Therefore, health must be protected and cured without charge. For instance, elderly people don’t shouldn’t have to pay in order to have an urgent surgery operation. In addition, this will encourage people to look carefully after themselves more carefully.

While in on the other hand, many individuals think that those who are destroying their health by not taking care of it, like smokers, drudgers drug abusers/addicts, those who don’t do sports and those who eat unhealthy food, just to mention a few, must pay for their controls check-ups and cure medicines. That means, this payment will lead many of them to think again about the unreasonable treatment of their health, so they may make a change in their way of life.

Overall, while I do believe that health is precious and managing to make it easy to for people to protect their health is a compelling achievement, I think that those who do not protect themselves should pay the price for their negligence.

Red = corrections

Green = suggested improvements

Word count - 251

Minimum word count: 250          

Task Achievement

Good – you have addressed the task well and included some examples.

Coherence & Cohesion

Very strong – well-organised and clear.

Lexical Resource

Good – some inappropriate vocab choices.

Grammatical Range & Accuracy

Good – a variety of structures used with only minor errors persisting in word order, punctuation and prepositions.


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