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1.6.1 Sidborough University - Sample

The map illustrates the area of the Siborough College with its current facilities and suggested changes or additions in terms of the intended integration into the Sidborough University.

The map can be divided into two clear partitions. Running down from northeast to southwest is the Hope River which tunnels the A 600 Road at the left bottom left of the map. The river separates the new proposed from area from the old, which is inbetween of the river and the A 600.

After entering the main entrance, on the left there is to the left the oblong Main College Building with its planned rectangular Lecture Halls directly adjacent to its left side. Next to The right-hand side of the Main College Building there is proposed a rectangular will also be enlarged.

Going staight on from the entrance and passing the changing rooms there are to the left the suggested Faculty Offices on the left(rectangular of shape) and to the right the new intended semi-circular Library and Resource Centre will be builtwhich is planned as a semi-circle.

Near to this, to the right, the old square playing fields will be incorporated into a brand new sports complexare located with the intended enlargement of the sports complex at the left bottom of the fields.
Running through a proposed tunnel under the A new footbridge takes you over the Hope River where you would reach the new planned area with 2 facilities, both directly adjacent to the river; one square Student Union Complex and to its left the Residential Accommodation. (which is with an angle and of complex shape)

This is the end of the description of the map of Sidborough College with its present and possible features in the future.

Red = corrections

Green = suggested improvements

Word count - 261

Minimum word count: 150          

Task Achievement

Satisfactory – you included everything except the footbridge but some information superfluous to the task.

Coherence & Cohesion

Satisfactory – Bit difficult to follow without diagram and insufficient use of linking words.

Lexical Resource

Good – sufficient range of vocab, accurately used.

Grammatical Range & Accuracy

Good – very accurate but not wide range of structures used.


Very accurate in terms of grammar and vocabulary but the style needs to be more concise and precise for this type of task > iPass ModuleHome Computers

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