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1.3.1 Wexborough University - Sample

The two charts illustrates the result of a survey carried out at Wexborough University among the various students. While the line graph shows how the chosen course influenced on the students’ future life who graduated between 1992 and 2004 is shown by the line graph, the pie chart represents the purpose of selecting a course.

The most popular reason (43%) was to improve the students’ employment status and the least purpose was to socialise while socialising was the least popular at only 8%. The figure for the students who chosen their course to fulfill their employer's needs was recorded twice as much high as the number of students who chosen to migrate to foriegn country at (12%).

In the second line graph, the figure  for the highly satisfied students who were graduated  between 1992 and 2000, had dropped every year reaching to lowest number 400 (for 2000 year graduates) compare to 600 (for 1992 graduates) a low of 400 in 2000 compared to 600 in 1992. In this period the figures were recorded exactly the opposite for the graduates who were very dissappointed.

However, for the following four years, the number of very satisfied graduates numbers had risen rose slightly, with the highest figure recorded for students who graduated between 2002 and 2003 at approximately 700. In this period the figures for very dissatisfied students had declined slightly. The only year where both categories are equal in number was for the year 2001 graduates. Overall, it seems to be that the courses didn't affected muchhave much effect on students’ life prospects.

Red = corrections

Green = suggested improvements

Word count - 218

Minimum word count: 150          

Task Achievement

Good – adequate presentation of key points

Coherence & Cohesion

Good – clear progression of information

Lexical Resource

Good – adequate range of vocabulary

Grammatical Range & Accuracy

Good – some errors but they do not cause difficulty for the reader


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