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1.2.1 Public Transport - Sample

The bar charts illustrate the use of public transport in various parts of the world. Different countries have different amountof usage of public transport and the metro system.

To begin with, public transport in the USA has the smallest proportion (only 2%), whereas Japan has the biggest one (46%). In addition, the UK has half the amount of transport use of Spain.

Moreover, the metro system in some of these countries and others vary. For instance, London’s metro system carries the least number of passengers784 million in one year.  However, the metro system of Moscow takes the biggest number of people; 3184 million in one year. Furthermore, Seoul’s metro spends one third the length spent by London’s metro, and it’s the smallest length compared to the biggest one which is New York’s network of420 kilometres.

Overall, there are is a big large number of people using the metro system especially in Moscow. In addition, public transport is much more used in Japan than anywhere else.

Red = corrections

Green = suggested improvements

Word count - 163

Minimum word count: 150          

Task Achievement

Satisfactory – try to extend your answer more fully by making more significant comparisons.

Coherence & Cohesion

Good – information links well but there is a danger of overuse.

Lexical Resource

Satisfactory – appropriate but not used a wide range of expressions.

Grammatical Range & Accuracy

Satisfactory – simple sentence forms used accurately.


You need to make more significant comparisons between the data - look at what is similar and what is different and try to group that information together. > iPass ModuleHousehold Spending

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