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IELTS Reading Text 4

Recruitment process for a personal assistant for the marketing manager

Applicants for the post of personal assistant to the marketing manager are encouraged to note the following procedural steps.

The job application form and job-related information can be accessed from the company website at For a.n informal discussion about the post please email Sarah Paul at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Applicants should complete the form in full online before the 26 September deadline.

1) Candidates must read the job description which includes relevant responsibilities associated with the post. Linked to this is the job specification which is a list of all the necessary skills, experience and qualifications the required employee must hold in order to carry out the job satisfactorily. Candidates should check they meet all these criteria before proceeding with the application process.

2) The 4 page application form should be thoroughly completed with all requested personal details, qualifications and experience. Neither CVs nor cover letters should be attached to the application form. However, 3 references are required but these will not be contacted prior to interview. The application form can then be submitted and applicants will receive a confirmation email immediately.

3) On receipt of all applications dossiers will be compiled and a short-list of potential candidates drawn up. This is based on who meets the criteria stated in the advertisement. Candidates will receive an email informing them of their success or failure to secure an interview. Unsuccessful candidates may request a more detailed explanation to aid them in their future job search.

4) Interviews are then to be scheduled and arranged over 2 consecutive days from 10-11 November. There will be a panel consisting of a member of HR, the line manager and the marketing manager. The company’s interview procedure involves 3 steps. The first being 10 a minute questioning period with each candidate, the second is a 5 minute individual presentation on a set topic and finally a group problem solving task related to the job is to be observed and recorded.

5) Following a selection meeting the successful candidate will be notified and an in-depth criminal disclosure check carried out. Once the necessary checks are completed a formal job offer will be issued to which the candidate should reply with a formal acceptance. At this point related issues such as relocation assistance and induction training can be finalised and the contract will be drawn up and signed.

Questions 22-27

Complete the sentences below.

Choose NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS from the text for each answer.

Candidates make sure they are suitable for the position by reading the job description and job 22____________

The candidates complete the 23____________ form in full.

Short-listed candidates will receive notice via 24____________.

A 25____________ of 3 people will conduct the interviews.

The chosen candidate will only receive an official 26____________ when he/she passes the background checks.

The contract will be 27____________ after discussions about the candidate moving location and carrying out initial training are discussed.

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Ling Xu - China (chinese version)

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