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Oscar, Spain (overall band 6)

Fluency and Coherence - band 6 Lexical Resource - band 7
Able to answer the questions and keep going, but over relies on slow speech, self-correction and repetitive use of 'so' to create longer turns. There is also evidence of longer pausing when faced with more challenging topics. Has an adequate range of vocabulary to deal with a variety of topics and manages to convey some precise meaning ('intellectual capacity', 'stand out', 'overcome problems, 'depend on''). In contrast, there are several word formation mistakes such as 'theorical' and 'practical' is a continual problem.
Grammatical Range / Accuracy - band 6 Pronunciation - band 6
Demonstrates some good structures ('at that time...', 'no longer depend on...') but the majority of the turns use basic present and past tenses with some errors ('I have a lot of time (past))'. There are also several omissions of 'it' ('and is a good thing', 'is very important). Attempts to use stress and intonation but frequent mispronunciation of sounds and words ('occasion', 'clothes', 'home', 'whole year') and L1 influenced word stress ('different', celebrations').
Andrea Rosso - Italy

I found this website searching over the Internet. I immediately understood it was very precise, and when I finally decided to try it, it was very useful, for the very useful tips and for the very precise corrections and feedback about the Writing tasks. Thanks to Jenny I obtained an overall 7.0 and I was really satisfied about it.

Andrea Rosso - Italy

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