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Maria, Spain (overall band 6)

Fluency and Coherence - band 6 Lexical Resource - band 6
Answers the questions and is able to produce long turns. There is slow speech due to hesitation which affects development. A number of basic linking devices are evident ('but', 'for example') but overused. Is able to discuss topics at length with some useful and precise lexis. Good examples include 'opportunity' 'cultural activities'
Grammatical Range / Accuracy - band 6 Pronunciation - band 6
A variety of tenses are employed ('I've been working') and several interesting structures ('in order to..', 'in favour of') but errors are numerous ('I'm thinking to go', 'it depends of'', 'websites you can hear', 'more easy'). Control of phonological features is variable. Pronunciation of words ('cultural' 'work') sometimes lack clarity. Stress and intonation is used well at times but is inconsistent.

​The experience that I had with iPass IELTS was incredible. The site itself is equipped with more than enough materials to study ielts and it’s very convenient to access. 

What i enjoyed most was the skype interview sessions. Jenny was really helpful and generous, plus the commitment that she gave through the entire course was incomparable. She made me feel very comfortable and confident. She is very consistent in helping me not just improve my speaking skills, but she also helped me notice some mistakes that I wouldn’t have noticed on my own.

I thank everyone at iPass for helping me obtain high scores in IELTS.


Marie Cristina - The Philippines

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