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Zara, Parts 2 & 3

Fluency and Coherence - band 8 Lexical Resource - band 8
Fluent with only occasional hesitation, Several good linking devices are used (and, or, so, because) Manages to express precise meaning about all the subjects due to a good range of vocabulary (intellectual, productive) and some examples of more colloquial language ('to keep in touch' and 'practically everything is done').
Grammatical Range / Accuracy - band 8 Pronunciation - band 8
The majority of sentences are error free. A wide range of structures are flexibly used. There are some repetitive structures ('you/I can+verb'). Can be understood easily and accent has a minimal effect on intelligibility. Uses a wide range of phonological features to convey meaning.

​I needed 5.5 to get into my university in the UK but my own expectation was to score 7.0 or more in my IELTS. The preparation courses of IELTS are mostly expensive but the fee of iPass is affordable. They have a good attitude and strong will to help me. Their tips and courses are helpful and effective. What worried me the most was my writing, however, I still managed to get 6.5 in my writing. Thank you to Jenny and Nigel!


Jocelyn - Malaysia

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