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Xu Hao, Part 1 (overall band 5)

Fluency and Coherence - band 5 Lexical Resource - band 5
Produces a degree of fluency but relies on self-correction and pauses. More complex and longer speech is clearly more difficult as can be seen in the early finish in part 2. In addition, few linkers are evident (and, because). Resource is sufficient to talk about familiar and unfamiliar topics, but not at length as there is limited flexibility. There are also a number of word formation errors ('study electronic, very difficulty, foreigner country, have a talking').
Grammatical Range / Accuracy - band 6 Pronunciation - band 5
Uses a mix of simple and complex forms, but with limited flexibility. Errors frequently occur, but do not impede communication. ('now I am study, it was take place, I just send a email to him, more fast'). Range is limited. A large number of mispronounced words ('Bordeaux, conversation, important') cause difficulty for the learner and the overall rhythm of the language is heavily influenced by the L1. Few pronunciation features are evident and sustained.


Celeste - The Philippines

Celeste - The Philippines

I took the IELTS before to apply as a nurse in the UK, but I didn’t get the required scores until I enrolled on the IELTS 7+ course.

With the help of my tutor, Nigel, who pinpointed some of the areas that I needed to improve in speaking, fortunately I got 7.5.

Ray and Michelle also gave me some valuable advice to better my output in writing. All of the materials in iPass IELTS, especially the toolkit, considerably helped me to broaden my knowledge in all the subtests.

Giving up is never an option, PRACTICE is the key, plus with the help of the expert tutors in the iPass team!

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