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Pedro, Part 1 (overall band 5)

Fluency and Coherence - band 4 Lexical Resource - band 4
Can respond to questions but with noticeable pauses in most turns, slow speech and a number of linguistic breakdowns in the ability to express ideas ('that's all'). 'Because' is also overused to link clauses. Unfamiliar questions are problematic due to limited vocabulary and lead to serious problems in expression. For example, part 2 is cut short. Survival phrases are employed to compensate ('things like that').
Grammatical Range / Accuracy - band 6 Pronunciation - band 6
Basic sentence forms are common and more complex structures are evident though errors occur ('one of the most difficult'; 'if you are working'). Can generally be understood throughout. Some effective use of intonation and stress, but this is not sustained. Individual words may be mispronounced, but this causes only occasional lack of clarity.


Renan - Mexico

Renan - Mexico

​First of all, I would like to thank iPass team for their help and orientation. The IELTS Express course was really convenient for me because it’s so flexible and complete. I couldn’t achieve scores that I needed before, but after the course, I achieved the 6.5 required to study a masters degree in the UK so I’m really happy and thankful about that.

I totally recommend the course, because with a good score in IELTS you’re going to have access to many professional opportunities.

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