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I would like to thank Jenny and Nigel for their amazing work. I was struggling to pass my IELTS, I searched in internet and joined iPass IELTS, and now I am happy to say that I got scores of Listening-8.0, Reading-8.5, Writing-7.0, Speaking-7.0 and the overall score of 7.5.

Arul, India

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Rocio - Peru

Good news! I've got the grades I need (I am in tears!)

Listening 8.5; Reading 8.0; Writing 7.0; Speaking 8.0; Overall 8.0

Many thanks for your detailed and personalized feedback. I think the extra practice in the writing helped me as you could identify certain patterns in task 1 and 2 that I corrected in time. Although language itself didn't pose a problem, it was the structure and the ideas that I needed professional guidance with. The Oral review was great as I could talk about a range of topics (known and unknown) with confidence.
All in all, I've got very balanced grades which encourage me to continue with the next step, my Masters!!

Rocio - Peru

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