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IELTS Excel - sign up now for only €58.50!

Sign up for IELTS Excel before 31 July 2014 and get a 10% discount!! Plus, you'll get a FREE General English course and you can enter our amazing SHINE with iPass competition with a chance to win €500!!

IELTS Excel is ideal for students who are trying to increase their IELTS score by a complete band or more.

Use this chart to see how IELTS Excel compares to our other iPass IELTS courses:

Length of course 30 days 60 days 90 days
Course fee €45 €65 €75
Required level of English B2 B2 B1
One-to-one tuition
Online practice interviews 2 3 3
Essay corrections 2 4 6
Guided lessons + practice tests
Academic + General IELTS material
Toolbox exercises

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the course include personal tuition with an online IELTS trainer?

Yes. You will receive personal feedback from an online tutor in the speaking and writing modules

How does the personal tuition work online?

The speaking practice tests are conducted on Skype and the writing task assessments are sent by email.

Are the personal tutors native speakers of English?

Yes. All iPass tutors are native English speakers and fully qualified and experienced teachers and examiners.

Do I need to buy a book?

No. All of the materials are delivered online via the website - all you need is a good internet connection and a Skype account

What happens if I can't use Skype in my country?

If Skype is unavailable to you, there are other programmes we can use such as Viber, Google Hangout and Facetime, but we do not conduct practice interviews by phone.

Can I complete the course in less than 60 days?

Yes. You have the flexibility to choose your own study schedule to complete the course which includes up to 50 hours of interactive exercises and practice tests.

What if I need extra help with my speaking and writing after completing the course?

Many of our students opt for an IELTS top-up plan which gives you additional IELTS interview practice or writing assessments. Or you can choose one of our separate IELTS writing or IELTS speaking courses.

Does the course have separate lessons and practice tests for IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training?

Yes. There are separate reading and writing lessons and practice tests for both types of IELTS test. The speaking and listening modules are the same for both tests.

Do the practice tests include detailed answer keys?

Yes. All of the reading and listening tests have complete answer keys with detailed explanations.

What level of English do I need to have to do the course?

We recommend that you have a B2 level of English. If you're not sure, take our free online level test to check your level.

What are the IELTS toolbox exercises?

They are a series of 40 interactive exercises designed to improve your grammar, vocabulary and IELTS test skills.

Can I demand a full course refund if I don't improve my IELTS band score in at least one of the four modules?

YES! But only if you complete ALL the components of the Excel course and provide evidence of both IELTS test results, which must be taken within 12 months of each other.

Got another question about the Excel course? Email us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

At iPass we offer a full money back guarantee if you don't improve at least one of your band scores after completing ALL the components on the IELTS Excel course.

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我虽然已经进入英国的大学的本科学习了,我的之前的雅思成绩也达到了6分的要求。但是,我的写作英语对我而言仍然是个大问题。我想办法要提高。由于时间和金钱的限制,我打算用网络学习,无意之间发现了这个网站,觉得价格非常合理,36英镑(差不多360人民币)可以批改5篇作文而且还有语法和词汇的资料免费附送。之前的前三个月真的很糟糕,大部分都是4-5,我第一次雅思作文还考6(8成是我运气特别特别好 )。第4个月,我突然发现我的作文到了6-7, 我真的觉得好神奇。我就是把Jenny和年Nigel改的错误一直坚持在看,而且合理利用tool box的词汇和语法资源。而且我发现我的学术论文也提高了10分左右,差不多是2:1了。如果,我第一次考雅思的之前就能知道这个网站的话,我估计能至少省下5000人民币。 考鸭们!如果你们还在为0.5或1分多次重考的话,或者你对自己的英语水平没信心的话,再或者还没决定去哪个培训机构读雅思,这个网站绝对是你首选。在这个网站花比进培训班花至少5分之1的钱,你就可以得到最最专业的指导。我以前在那个新东方的51批改,100个字60人民币,实在太贵了。Jenny和你Nigel 不仅懂得教真正的英语,他们而且是非常好相处的,你们有什么任何有关学习英语和雅思的问题 ,都可以向他们请教,任何问题哦都会得到最专业的解答。 最后,提供英语是没有捷径能走的。

- Ling Xu - China (chinese version)


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