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IELTS Speaking test - tips and tricks!!

So, you have a good level of English, you know enough words to get by, you can use the main verb tenses and people seem to understand you, but you still can’t crack the IELTS band 6 plateau. What can you do? Read More →

New English language test requirements for nurses

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) is to amend the IELTS requirements for international nurses and midwives trained outside the UK. Read More →

Using STRESS effectively in the IELTS speaking test

When we talk about stress in relation to exams, most people think of the familiar symptoms of anxiety and nervousness that many of us experience, especially before a speaking test in another language. But in this post, we are not referring to sweaty palms and feelings of nausea, we are talking about the importance of using WORD STRESS effectively at sentence level to enhance meaning. Read More →

Win up to €300 in our IELTS 3-2-1 competition!!

We are giving away 3 fantastic cash prizes to our highest achieving students over the next 3 months! Read More →

Scanning texts in the IELTS reading test

In our last post, we looked at skimming texts in the IELTS reading test. Now we’ll turn to a different technique which is equally important to master: scanning the text for specific information. Read More →

Muayad - iPass student of the month

Muayad Salm Rahma from Iraq is our May student of the month! Read More →

Skimming texts in the IELTS reading test

You might have already heard of skimming and scanning. These are 2 useful skills you'll need for the IELTS reading tests; both General Training & Academic. In this post, we’ll look at the technique of skimming a text. Read More →

Writing Task 1 academic reports

Do you have problems keeping your word count between 150-200 words for Task 1 answers? Do you have difficulty writing your answer within the 20-minute time limit? Check out this week's blog post and free writing exercises for some expert tips! Read More →

Win a free IELTS top-up!!

Can you expand a single idea into a well developed paragraph of between 50-80 words? Then why not enter this month's IELTS writing competition and you could win a free iPass IELTS top up!! Read More →

How to add effective examples in an IELTS essay

Have you ever been told that you need to expand your main ideas further to improve your essay-writing skills? This is an essential part of getting a high score in Task 2 of the IELTS writing test so this blog post looks at how you can develop your paragraphs effectively by adding relevant examples. Read More →

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I received my IELTS results and my overal band score is 7.5 (my target was at least 6.0). I was a little bit worried for the Speaking part but the speaking practice with Nigel helped me a lot and as a result, I got 7.5 in the Speaking part. He also gave me valuable feedback for the Writing part which helped me to improve some important aspects. They answered very fast all the questions I had. All the practice from the course was also very useful. Thank you!

- Vladina - Romania

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