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Cool & contemporary vocab: fitness

In this blog post, we will continue our popular ‘cool and contemporary’ series by looking at the world of fitness. We have collected some of the most common expressions people are currently using for you to learn and amaze your IELTS speaking examiner with. Read More →

Cool & contemporary vocab: current affairs

The third in our series of 'cool and contemporary' vocab focuses on words and phrases you can use to talk about what's happening in the news - these will be extremely useful not only for the IELTS test in which you have to express opinions on a range of different topics, but also for having interesting discussions on events taking place around the world. Read More →

Jennifer - iPass student of the month


Jennifer from the Philippines is our July student of the month.

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Cool & contemporary vocab: TV

This is the second in our series of ‘cool and contemporary vocabulary’. If you missed the first post, click here. Our new topic is television so if you enjoy watching popular TV series and dramas, you'll pick up some great words and phrases to talk about it! Read More →

Cool & contemporary vocab: food

To do well in the productive parts of the IELTS test (speaking & writing), you must show the examiner that you have a range of language and can use it effectively. To do this, you need to demonstrate band 6+ vocabulary, including phrasal verbs. In this post, we’ll share some which are currently trending so that when you use them in context, your English will sound natural, up-to-date and advanced!! Read More →

Sofia - iPass student of the month


Sofia from Italy is the iPass student of the month for June 2016.

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IELTS Speaking test - tips and tricks!!

So, you have a good level of English, you know enough words to get by, you can use the main verb tenses and people seem to understand you, but you still can’t crack the IELTS band 6 plateau. What can you do? Read More →

New English language test requirements for nurses

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) is to amend the IELTS requirements for international nurses and midwives trained outside the UK. Read More →

Using STRESS effectively in the IELTS speaking test

When we talk about stress in relation to exams, most people think of the familiar symptoms of anxiety and nervousness that many of us experience, especially before a speaking test in another language. But in this post, we are not referring to sweaty palms and feelings of nausea, we are talking about the importance of using WORD STRESS effectively at sentence level to enhance meaning. Read More →

Win up to €300 in our IELTS 3-2-1 competition!!

We are giving away 3 fantastic cash prizes to our highest achieving students over the next 3 months! Read More →

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​The iPass IELTS 7 course was really very useful to me, it guided me how to prepare well for the exam, as it was the first time for me to take the IELTS test.  I didn’t know anything about it before taking this course. I am really grateful for your amazing help, especially in the speaking test. Also, I am very thankful to you as you extended the course for me when I delayed the date of my exam! 

My results were 7.5 in speaking and 6.5 in reading, writing and listening. Overall, band 7!!!


- Zaina - Palestine

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