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Making a bee line!

A couple of new sites that have got us buzzing! Read More →

Lost for words?

It was recently announced that certain words have been dropped from a leading dictionary for children. Dictionaries, where would we be without them? They are the source of our knowledge of words, and without words we would have no language. So, why are we losing words? Read More →

Best Left To The Family Album?

Having watched Rude Tube’s Top 50 countdown of the most popular YouTube video clips on Channel 4 last Friday (2 Jan 2009) I was quite shocked when they revealed the winner to be ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ – a clip of a toddler called Charlie biting the finger of his 3 year old brother Harry. Read More →

The Dividing Factor

Saturday night arrives and another evening of sitting at home watching the very best of reality TV entertainment awaits. A heavenly prospect for me – a hellish proposition for my partner who can be heard screaming ‘I’m not a celebrity – get me out of here!’ Never mind going down the pub to watch football, he would rather accompany my grandmother to bingo or babysit for the psycho twins at no.24, anything in fact rather than have to suffer the simultaneous anguish and rapture of the X factor contestants as they stand side-by-side to their mentors each week, waiting to discover whether the good old voting public has finally put a dead end to their road to riches – their ultimate journey to stardom. Just hearing the word ‘journey’ uttered from one of their starry-eyed speeches describing their heart-wrenching experience so far is enough to set him spitting and writhing in protest. And that’s without even mentioning the judges! Read More →


With 37 IELTS test centres now currently available in the USA - the latest located in Honolulu at the Hawaii Pacific University - and plans to increase this number to 50 by the end of 2009, the question is now being asked whether IELTS could not only rival but outstrip TOEFL as the leader in pre-university English proficiency testing. Over 2,000 universities and colleges in the US now accept IELTS test scores, the latest additions being Dartmouth College undergraduate admissions and California State University graduate school system. Dartmouth College, in Hanover, New Hampshire joins a list of other prestigious Ivy League schools that already accept the test including Cornell, Harvard, Princeton and Yale. Read More →

To put or not to put – what to include in a CV?

The other day in class, I was discussing with my small group of Spanish business students about the type of things which they considered relevant information for a Curriculum Vitae. I gave them two typical British CVs to compare, one written by a male university graduate, the other by a female Marketing Assistant with 10 years work experience. The comments from my students and the justifications for their remarks gave an interesting insight into some of the cultural differences that exist between Britain and Spain in relation to the working environment. Read More →

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iPassielts really helped me in order to reach the band 7 in writing, which was what I needed in order to get into university. I was taking the ielts test for the second time, and I wanted some advice just a week before the test. Unlike most other centres, Ipassielts did not mind helping me in such short notice, and thus corrected three writing samples and gave me useful feedback. As the test form was completely unfamiliar to me, Jenny's comments made me understand what I needed to focus on in order to fullfill the requirements. I would definitely recommend ipassielts to others, thank you so much.

- Veronica - Norway

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