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Mumpreneurs in Barcelona

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Who’s responsible for teaching your child to read?

Remembering that I was able to read pretty competently before I was five (I have a clear memory of having to do a reading test, aged 4 and a half, in order to attend the local Catholic School when my parents moved towns) I figured that when my son turned 4 a couple of months ago it was time to start introducing him to the joy of reading for himself. As a child who has always loved books and reading stories as an integral part of his bedtime routine, I imagined he would be eager to learn. Coupled with the fact that he is now beginning to learn his letters at school and is constantly asking how to write certain words, it seemed like the right time to start. As we live in Barcelona his language at school is Catalan so I figured it was up to me and my partner to take on the responsibility of teaching him to read in English. Read More →

Dear Dawn French

I have just finished reading your autobiography Dear Fatty and would like to say what a truly pleasurable and heartfelt read it was. Read More →

A Reason to Read

Some classroom activities for primary EFL teachers to initiate motivation! Read More →

Learning English: the smart thing to do during the recession

The recession is here and we are all likely to be victims, like it or not. How it affects us depends on many factors, but times are tough and we have to make difficult decisions that may have big consequences for the future. Read More →

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Time for our latest film review. Next up "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". Check it out! Read More →

Revolutionary Road

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Making a bee line!

A couple of new sites that have got us buzzing! Read More →

Lost for words?

It was recently announced that certain words have been dropped from a leading dictionary for children. Dictionaries, where would we be without them? They are the source of our knowledge of words, and without words we would have no language. So, why are we losing words? Read More →

Best Left To The Family Album?

Having watched Rude Tube’s Top 50 countdown of the most popular YouTube video clips on Channel 4 last Friday (2 Jan 2009) I was quite shocked when they revealed the winner to be ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ – a clip of a toddler called Charlie biting the finger of his 3 year old brother Harry. Read More →

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In 30 days I got prepared for the Ielts test and, at the first try, I achieved the result I wanted (overall 6). I am a B1 student and I just studied with iPassielts. The contents are truly useful and Nigel's help was divine. He was fantastic helping me. I truly think the price of iPassielts is nothing when compared to the benefits. All the best for you Nigel and Jenny, and for iPassielts. Thank you very much!

- Raul - Portugal

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